Impact Opportunities from Africa for Diasporans.

Abrod is about Africans building Africa. Our goal is to create a positive experience on a Diasporan-owned digital platform that facilitates access to Diaspora direct impact opportunities, rewards, and remittances at a lower cost than the competition.
Abrod wants to harness the power of the Diaspora to empower Africa through high-purpose opportunities.
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Better Remittances and Diaspora Platform

A digital platform that shortens distances
Abrod is building the first Diaspora-focused digital platform. We are focused on eliminating unnecessary bottlenecks to remittance and impact opportunities back home, thus creating efficient and secure solutions.
Impact-focused opportunities
We leverage strategic partnerships, crowdfunding and equity from the Diaspora to drive growth within Africa and create wealth for Diasporans.
Diaspora marketplace
Peer-to-peer exchange and collaboration platform for the African Diaspora where ideas, opportunities and solutions can be exchanged amongst the community.
Create positive impact
We want to harness the power of the Diaspora and channel it into projects that can positively impact the economy of the Sub-Saharan Africa region. A perfect win-win situation where you can profit by creating job opportunities through your engagements.
Put your assets where your heart is
We are the first digital platform that is focused on your roots. Our unique platform will harness the power of the African Diaspora around the world by helping give back where all your dreams started: in your home country.

You’re in good company

We are bringing together a community of Africans, living abroad, and keen on creating wealth back home. Become a native and unlock unlimited horizons.

Some of our partners are:

If you want to access market-leading impact opportunities while driving positive, economic, and social development in emerging economies, join Abrod.